30 Guinness World Records set at Virgin Money London Marathon

Guinness World Records announced the Virgin Money London Marathon featured 30 records being set, including the fastest time to finish a marathon while wearing pajamas.

The record-keeping agency said 54 records were attempted by runners in Sunday’s race, and the first to do so successfully was Julian Rendall, who ran the marathon in pajamas with a final time of 2:51:45.

The female version of the record was also broken during the race when Jennifer Graham finished with a time of 03:46:12.

Guinness said a total 30 records were broken, including fastest times for runners wearing wellington boots, a safari suit, a harlequin costume, a tree costume, mountain climbing gear, a traditional Spanish dress, a body part, a sweet food, a heavy duty vehicle and ski boots.

Andrew Pelton, Niall Cooper and Michael Pelton broke the record for fastest marathon four-legged, and Digby Walker, Benjamin Taylor, Charlie Mason, Edward Holderness, Guy Dixon and Oliver Tipping earned the title for fastest marathon in a six-person costume.